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3.9%    |   9 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

In tribute to Alvina, this crisp, fruity ale will greet you with aromas of ripe strawberry and slight peach. Followed by light tartness of rhubarb and balanced by a malty backbone, Alvina pours with a beautiful blush color. She is highly carbonated, and wonderfully refreshing.


4.8% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

Love IPAs? Wish you could drink more of them? We made this for you! Amarillo Slim is a lower alcohol beer with all the pleasures of your favorite IPAs. It has the bitterness of a West Coast IPA, fermented with Kveik, and dry hopped sequentially four days in a row exclusively with Amarillo. The result is a flavorful and sessionable IPA. The hop profile has some lemon, spice and soft tropical fruit flavor with occasional peach essence.


9.1% ABV   |   104 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 7      32OZ 13      64OZ 21

This hop bomb will have you shouting “At Ease” and snapping to attention.  This monster DIPA was hit hard with massive bittering charges taking it over 100 IBUs.  We followed up with dry-hop additions of CTZ, Chinook, Amarillo, and Citra leaving a wonderfully balanced high gravity hoppy ale.  At Ease offers aromas of citrus, hop candy, and pine resin.  At 9.1%, At Ease is sure to have you battle ready.


6%    |   50 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

Our beloved hop comes to us once a year in its freshest form, the cone.  From bine to kettle in less than eight hours our friends and family all pitched in and picked every hop cone that made is special beer.  A true classic style of the American craft beer revolution is the pale ale. We felt a pale was the perfect home for these hops.  Brewed with locally grown Cascade hops by our friends at Knox Hops we created Ball Camp Pale.  Brewed with pale, crystal malts and  just over 80 lbs of freshly picked Cascade hops.  This fresh-hop pale has excellent malt flavors and fully body that support the smooth bitterness of pine. Thanks to all that helped make this beer happen!


9.1% ABV   |   81 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 7      32OZ 13      64OZ 21

We went big on our first double IPA! Double Time is deceptively smooth for its weight class. It pours a beautiful orange color and is medium in body. Some citrus and pine character shine through but the beer is mostly dominated by resinous hop flavor and aroma.


5.5% ABV   |   25 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

An extremely easy drinking red lager that is malt focused with an exceptionally clean finish. There are aromas of caramel and toasted bread with subtle notes of chocolate.


5.3% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 6     32OZ 11      64OZ 18

 Close your eyes, take a drink, and get transported to a grove filled with ripe apricot. A sparkling light blonde ale packed with aroma and flavor of a ripe apricot straight from the tree.


6.2% ABV 

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

A pillowy soft NE style IPA brewed with heaps of Amarillo, Cashmere, and Centennial. The smooth soft body for this beer was created with flaked oats, red wheat, and lactose sugar. A different hop aroma appears with every drink. Look for tantalizing aromas of mango and strawberry accompanied with a hint of mint. It's almost like a vacation in a glass!


4.3% ABV   |   22 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

We bring you a sweet Stout with a soft full body, rich flavor, and low alcohol. Expect velvety smooth body, roasty malt flavors, and layers of chocolate cake. Served on both CO2 and Nitro. Try both and see which feels better to you!


5.7% ABV   |   49 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5     32OZ 10      64OZ 16

Just like a walk through the pines, this pale ale is carefree and refreshing. Soft floral and gentle pines await you!


8.9% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 7      32OZ 13      64OZ 21

This sneaky assassin will hide in plain sight and strike without warning. Known Enemy has light, citricy aromas expressed through two dry hop additions of ­­­­­Chinook, Centennial, and Heavy El Dorado hops. This killer DIPA has a smooth, medium body and bright orange color with flavors ranging from sweet melon and pineapple candy to ripe strawberry. Known Enemy’s 8.9% ABV will surely slice through your day.


4.5% ABV   |   38 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5     32OZ 10      64OZ 16

This lager is made with 100% Northern Brewer hops and is inspired by the California Common - an early American beer style. Brewed for consumption, it is made light and smooth yet crafted with dynamic malt and hop flavors.


6.5%   |   20 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

A deceptively easy drinking farmhouse brewed with American Crystal hops. Ladybug is medium bodied pouring gold in color with pineapple aromas jumping out of the glass.


4.3% ABV   |   20 IBU

TASTER 2      GLASS 4      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

Highly carbonated and highly drinkable! This is our nod to the American Lagers we have all enjoyed at one point in our lives. Light in flavor; crisp and extremely regfreshing.


6.2% ABV   |   22 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

A robust porter with bold rye character that is loaded with flavor and aroma of dark chocolate accompanied by nutty toffee and coffee notes.


 6.5% ABV   |    60 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

The exact same in your face pine, citrus, and floral NW hops that you have come to love in our West Coast IPA. Our baby has grown up and got a name. Introducing MANIFEST WEST. It may have taken a minute, but all great things are worth waiting for. Manifest West is back on tap at OHB!


 4.4% ABV   |    11 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

A silky white head tops the bright, yellow straw colors of Orange Hat's first German style Hefeweizen. The playful aromas of fresh banana bread and bubblegum play peekaboo with soft clove spice. Nanners ‘N Jammers is crushable at 4.4% ABV and will have you dancing down the stairs all summer long.


5.4% ABV   |    17 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

This cream ale is just in time for summer!  To accompany the warmer weather we created a classic cream ale and gave it a little twist.  Orange Blossom is made with six-row barley, flaked corn, and sweet orange peel.  It pours a light gold color, is highly carbonated and refreshing with soft floral notes of orange.


5.6% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

An IPA on the hazy side of life offering loads of citrus aroma and flavor. Brewed with large additions of Amarillo, Cashmere and Centennial, this IPA has a creamy mouthfeel with a softer hop bitterness than most IPAs.


 4.3% ABV   |    14 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

Can we have your attention please! A true summer-time slammer!  The Real Slim Shandy is made with a blend of black teas, local honey, and lemon zest creating an extremely refreshing and effervescent beer.  You’ll easily lose yourself on the long summer days ahead with this refreshing brew!


 4.9% ABV   |    40 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

We have a new OHB Stout for you to settle up to.  Sound as a Pound is an American Stout that brings you classic Stout roast with a subtle American hop profile.  This stout teases the hop flavor of Northern Brewer and Centennial hops while offering notes of dark chocolate.  It’s always stout season!


 5.3% ABV   |    IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 5      32OZ 10      64OZ 16

SumBum is a light and citrusy hoppy wheat ale made mostly of wheat and American hops with a kiss of rye.  This American wheat is as yellow as the summer sun and offers tangy wheat flavors with notes of lemon.  Bum around with this hoppy wheat all summer long!


7.6% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 7      32OZ 13      64OZ 21

“Stone the Crows” is a British phrase exclaiming excitement and amazement.  This hazy DIPA is brewed with copious amounts of Citra.  We are exclaiming our love of Citra in this loaded with citrus flavor hazy DIPA.  CITRA, CITRA, CITRA!!!


5.4% ABV

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

This beer has a silky body with aromas of mango and mandarin. Lovely soft tropical fruit flavors are awaiting your palette. There is an almost candy like flavor that might take you back to your favorite sno-cone combination you had as a kid. Ringing in at 5.4%, Venus in Haze is very balanced and highly drinkable.


6.1% ABV   |   60 IBU

TASTER 3      GLASS 6      32OZ 11      64OZ 18

An in-your-face resinous West Coast IPA brewed with good old fashioned Pacific NW hops offering classic hop flavors and aromas of pine, citrus, and floral. This IPA was truly created for the hop lover!


TASTER 2      GLASS 4     32OZ 10      64OZ 16

A fermented black tea brewed with lemon peel and dandelion root that creates a sweet and sour sparkling non-alcoholic drink.



Mexico Chiapas - a balanced body featuring notes of chocolate with a hint of orange brewed by Golden Roast Coffee and served on Nitro tap at Orange Hat.

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