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Visitors will find we have an ample-sized parking lot that we share with neighboring businesses. Please use caution should you need to park on Hardin Valley Road or in the grassy area by the road. This area can be challenging to navigate with mud after rain. If you cannot make it home safely, please speak to one of our Beertender staff and we will provide you with an overnight parking pass in an appropriate space.


Orange Hat Brewing Company is a family-friendly facility; however, we ask that visitors please keep children nearby and that they are supervised at all times. When visiting our taproom with children, please be courteous of other guests who are there to enjoy an adult beverage. This means ensuring your child(ren) are keeping to “indoor” voices and not running and/or wandering into unauthorized places. Orange Hat Brewing Company is a production facility, so there are dangers about the facility specifically in the brewhouse area. We do offer family-friendly events throughout the year, so keep an eye out on social media for our offerings!

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Our patio AND indoor taproom are dog friendly! We welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash. Please follow the 3-barks-and-your-out rule; if your pup is barking consistently, it is probably time for your furry friend to head out.

At OHB, we love dogs so much that we even sell custom dog collars, leashes and water bowls. Check them out at our online store or pick one up in the taproom today! Thirsty dog? Have no fear! In addition to providing beverages to our humans, we also have two water bowl stations that can be found in the taproom. Guests are welcome to bring their own as well. 

Porter wants to remind you that we respect the comfort and safety of all visitors enjoying a beer. Letting Fido relieve himself on our outdoor patio area is NOT appropriate. (There is a grassy/wooded area behind the patio/brewery. Please utilize this area for your dog's bathroom needs and always be sure to scoop your pup's poop!)

Lastly, our brewery is not the place to “socialize” a new rescue or potentially aggressive dog for the very first time. Pet owners are liable for any altercations resulting in loss or injury.



Looking to host a birthday party, shower, team outing, or fantasy football draft? OHB is the place!

Have a group of 8 or more? 

We offer a reservation option for our large group table. This high-top table seats 8-14 people and also offers a neighboring bar top area that can accommodate groups up to 20.

Customers may call ahead or stop by the taproom to book. Booking is first come, first served. 


Our taproom and outdoor patio are tobacco/marijuana/vapor free.  We have a designated smoking area by the fire pit and along side the parking lot. 

No smoking is permitted at brewery entrances. 

No chewing tobacco products are permitted in the taproom or patio.



Do you serve food?

Yes! We're proud to collaborate with several awesome local food trucks- be sure to check the schedule on our food page. Coming soon, AMARYLLIS TAQUERIA will be our resident truck.  Amaryllis is a new concept by Clean Smoke BBQ with a Mexican Fusion and BBQ twist.  

Do you offer any gluten-free alcoholic beverages?

Yes. We offer gluten-free hard (alcoholic) Tempo Kombucha on tap daily. You can call the taproom to confirm daily options or check out our menu.

Can I bring outside food?

Yes. We’ve got great local food options during the times stated above, but you are welcome to bring in your own outside food.

Can I leave my car overnight?

Yes, please get home safely: if you feel you are unable to get home, ask a OHB Beertender and they’ll make sure you get a safe ride home.

Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes. We brew and serve our very own non-alcoholic Tempo Kombucha and also offer a variety of non-alcoholic beer options and soda. You can call the taproom to confirm daily options or check out our menu.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, we take call-ahead reservations for taproom and patio seating. 

Can I bring in outside liquor/wine?

Outside liquor and seltzers are NOT permitted. Wine is OK to bring in, but cannot be served by OHB Beertenders, nor can it be stored in our coolers.  We cannot charge a corking fee.

Can I rent/buy-out the entire brewery for my wedding, reception, or private event?

You may submit a request by emailing Requests will be reviewed individually based on date/time/duration/cost.


Orange Hat Brewing Company started in the way many breweries do… with two amateur home-brewers out in the garage, talking smack over a boiling pot of wort. One, Rodney, a craft beer enthusiast that traveled the country exploring the evolution of the beer industry. The other, Brian, a home-brewing fanatic that was fascinated by the art and science behind craft beer. After a six-pack or two, an idea was born. This idea soon flourished into Orange Hat Brewery, Hardin Valley's first microbrewery!

We’re often asked how Orange Hat got its name. When Rodney was first home brewing, he called his beer “Orange Blossom Homebrew.” Being that Brian’s last name is Hatmaker, Rodney and Brian put Orange and Hat together, creating what we now call Orange Hat Brewing Company. 

After several months of planning, nearly a year of construction, bumps, bruises, blood, sweat, and tears, Brian and Rodney dusted off their jeans, put down the paint brushes, and opened the doors to Orange Hat in the spring of 2020.

Get to know our amazing owners and brewers below!



Rodney Ramin was born and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Being that La Crosse was a German town nestled along the Mississippi River, Rodney grew up with the rich history of German-influenced festivals and dive bars. 

Wisconsin winters are very cold with not a lot to do to stay warm. As a result, Rodney spent a lot of his childhood at the neighborhood watering hole, playing pool and arcade games with his brother. The culture in Wisconsin is a little different: neighborhood bars are a gathering place for friends and family. They’re sort of an extension of your living room - a place where friends and families come together to laugh, cry, and solve worldly issues (and of course root on 'da Packers while cussing out the Bears). At Orange Hat Brewing Co., we try to embody this atmosphere.

In 2010, Rodney traveled south in order to find better weather and raise a family. 

Once he finished PTA school, Rodney landed a job in Tennessee. After a few moves and the addition of son Stryker and daughter Alyvia, they settled into their home in Hardin Valley.

Rodney continues to share his love for bringing people together with a welcoming atmosphere and quality beer!



Brian was raised in Clinton, TN, just a few miles away from OHB. Clinton has the quintessential small-town feel where everybody knows your name and friends, family, and neighbors spend time together and help each other out.       

Brian inherited his outstanding athletic abilities and strong work ethic from his dad and his genuine love of caring for others and warm smile from his mom.

He went on to play baseball at the collegiate level, married his high school sweetheart, Mary, and is now raising two amazing boys, Stone and Luke. He’s remained in Clinton and carries a strong drive and love of community with him.

He has been in the healthcare industry for twenty years now and loves meeting and helping people.  

Brian enjoys making people happy and drinking great beer. Orange Hat Brewing Company has allowed him to combine those two into a welcoming space for all to live life to the fullest.

Head Brewer


Brandon was born and raised in Kansas where he developed his knowledge and passion for brewing. This growing interest led him to continue in the industry during his next chapter of life in Colorado.

He spent a number of years in the high country, fine tuning his craft through passion, commitment, and creativity.

Today you will find Brandon sipping on one of his many lagers or planning out a new recipe as the seasons change.

Whether you’re drinking his beer or kombucha, there is no doubt you can taste the detail and thought that went into every drop he’s brewed!

Assistant Brewer


Nick was born into a large family and grew up here in the south. It wasn't until drinking age that sibling rivalry died down, and brothers became best friends. Sitting around the pool, drinking a beer with family and friends is what inspires him.

If he isn't at the brewery working or drinking (same thing, right?), then you'll likely find him at home experimenting in the kitchen. He loves to try out new recipes with the help of his two messy sous chefs (his kids).

Nick is proud to join Orange Hat and brings experience from over 9 years of brewing and a few awards as well. He is here to brew more of the classic OH beers you know and love, as well as push the limit and introduce a fun variety to the tap list.

Nick's goal is to make beer for everyone to enjoy. Something that brings people together. So bring your friends, raise a glass, have fun, and drink some beer!

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