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What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a drink made from fermented sweet tea. The result is a refreshing, effervescent drink with a somewhat sweet and sour taste. Kombucha has a complex fermentation driven by its SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). This produces organic acids that have many positive effects on the body!

What is hard kombucha?

Hard kombucha is a tea that is intentionally fermented to be an alcoholic beverage. The main difference between regular kombucha and hard kombucha is the amount of sugar added, the fermentation time and the type of yeast used. Drinking hard kombucha rather than other alcoholic beverages has its perks: it has less sugar, less calories, and is gluten free!

Is OHB kombucha gluten free?

Yes! Although our hard kombucha is brewed in a high gluten environment, our samples have tested at less than 10 ppm.

The Kombucha Origin Story

Orange Hat Brewing Kombucha began in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is where our founder and head brewer, Brandon Smith, discovered the art of fermentation and the many health benefits it offers the body. 

Brandon spent 2 years living in a small cabin in the Rockies, where he studied, breathed and dreamed all things fermentation. His surroundings inspired him to dig deeper to understand the power of herbs and roots on the human body. He began brewing kombucha and experimenting with different herbs he had foraged. 

Soon word caught on, and people were asking to purchase his kombucha. He quickly became known as the kombucha man around town. 

Brandon eventually took a job in the picturesque town of Breckenridge, where he excelled as head brewer of Broken Compass Brewing Co. 

It was there that he met his wife Charlotte. At that time, Charlotte was working in Chinese Medicine and had a deep and profound respect for herbs and the power of alternative medicine. 

The two quickly fell in love and started a family. They moved to East Tennessee where their dreams of owning land and growing their own food could become a reality. 

Charlotte quickly adopted Brandon’s dream to share his kombucha with the community and beyond. After meeting the original visionaries of Orange Hat Brewing, the Ramin and Hatmaker families, they knew it was the perfect fit! 

And thus, Tempo Kombucha has now rooted itself in Knoxville at OHB.

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